Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Rain Walk

Three things happened today:

1. Jack didn't have school due to an in-service day.
2. It rained. Then stormed. Then rained some more. 
3. I worked from home this afternoon to watch m'boy.

After all of that fun and games, we decided to take our camera out, hit the walking path and go for a little photo walk in the rain. 

 We saw so many beautiful things!
 Zoey wasn't loving the rain though.
The creek was high - it had only rained an inch and with up to four more inches (!!!) to go, this isn't going to be pretty tomorrow!
 Then I let the kids go crazy.
 My camera doesn't like low light, and as a result I got many shots like this.
 My boy was wet.
 My girl was wet.
 We caught raindrops on our tongues.

 And jumped in more puddles!
 Actually they are making "muddy" water.
 We were soaked!
 The fun part of rain is that it brings out the worms, including this giant:

 Bye worm!
 Water is funnn....
 And love...about 2 minutes before Zoey slipped and skidded down the side walk.

I'll post the kids' photos at some point. They are pretty awesome. :-)

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