Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mommy/Jack night

I originally made this post a few weeks ago, but we had a storm literally blow through the area. I mean it - we lost power for a few moments!

As a result, my blog post was lost.

To catch you up: When Trav and Zoey had their Father/Daughter dance, Jack and I had a date night. I let him select everything, so we...

1. Ate pizza
 2. Watched "Star Wars: Episode II"
 3. Finished off the pizza.
 4. Invited Walter to join us.
 5. Coaxed Walter to sit down.
 6. Watched the movie with a comfy cat.
 7. Just don't ask him to forward through the boring parts. I did. And this is the face I got in return.
 8. I love this boy!

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