Tuesday, February 28, 2012


It was time again for this year's Oscar Party...and we had a blast! It's always so much fun to dress up, watch a fun show and spend an evening with friends.

First, the cupcakes. I'm so stinking proud of these cupcakes!

The first was a dark chocolate cupcake with an M&M filling with a milk chocolate frosting and M&M garnish.

 The next was a butter cupcake with cream cheese and a marshmallow "popcorn" top:
 Anyway, on with the show!

Jack went as Tin-Tin, so first we colored his hair:

Zoey was Carl Fredrickson from UP, complete with the bushy eyebrows, suspenders, and bow tie.

 Trav went as Capt. Haddick. Here's the before...
 And the after!
 Picture time!
 Our Tin-Tin and Cap't hanging out.
 He seeeeeeeeeeeeeees you!
 Here's Miss Kitty Soft-Paws:
 And George Clooney's character from "The Descendants" with Carl to help.
 And Charlie Chaplin/Hitler...
 Hi girls!
 Hi Jack!
 Now, before you look at these, realize that when we colored Trav's hair and Jack's hair it was temporary. Even so it didn't come out without a fight:
 And back to normal!

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