Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dancing the night away

We love our church for many reasons, but an added bonus is the annual Father/Daughter dance. Not Daddy/Daughter. No -- FATHER/Daughter. 

This year we found a super sale at a fun hair salon. So Zoey was pampered:

At home she changed and let me take some shots:

 Walter opted to join us.


 Jack is so much fun too!
 And of course the Trav + Zoey shots:

 At the party, she was a dancing fool!
 She LOOOOVED dancing to the "train" song.

 How cool is this - all the dads dancing!

And of course here is the pre-party attitude shot.
An interesting comparison:

Last year:

And this year!

I think next year we'll go back to doing her hair at home, but it was still fun to see her loving it!

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