Friday, December 2, 2011

We're off to the ... FREE pumpkin patch

We went to Walter's Pumpkin Patch near El Dorado, but honestly it was somewhat expensive. Don't get me wrong - it's worth every penny - but it's also nice to have fun at a free patch too. We met up with the in-law gang to check out one near Louisberg.

Zoey was the first to grab a pumpkin. "Okay, ready to go home!"

Jack was more...picky.

Zoey just looooved picking pumpkins.

This one!

Papa Don played driver to the cart o'kids.
 And...he's off.
 Yup. There be pumpkins in them thar fields.
 Happy boys!
 Double cheese!
 Hey, what's going on back there?
 There they are. Playin' tag.
 Funny. Ha.
 This is what happens when you ask three kids between ages 3 and 6 to take a picture together.
 And this is what happens when you ask siblings to hug.
 Note: She's not looking at me. She's smiling at someone else.
 Jack, on the other hand, is truly looking at me because I asked.
 And then there's Audrey. Silly, pirate-loving Audrey. Aaargh!
 Hmm...which corn should she get....
 Traffic jam on aisle 8.
 A very nice family brought their very nice poodle (Ginger?) dressed up for Halloween. Cute.

Strong man? Pssh. Check out Strong Jack!

Then the Abbotts took off for nap time. Hugs!

This actually wasn't a group hug. It was a girl hug but Jack jumped in. Go figure.

Walking back to the car to head to...

The Cider Mill! Only, we didn't know that it would cost so much to see their patch. We turned right around and went to the actual mill part of it instead.

It wasn't a short walk, but it was a beautiful day!

While Trav and Papa Don took care of buying the cider and donuts, Zoey took care of flowers.

Jack wasn't nearly as patient (and yes that's a bruise above his eye - I can't remember how he got it though).

Yummy donut.

Jack wasn't too thrilled by his. Doesn't it just look good though? His loss!

And yes, the final picture in front of the store sign.

I've never seen the kids put their hands on each other like this. It just cracked me up!

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