Thursday, December 29, 2011

The shrinking girl

When Trav took Zoey to her 4 year old check-up, he didn't write anything down. He recited as much as he could remember, and for some reason I think he didn't quite remember it all.

Zoey went to the doctor on Monday, and they took her stats.

Her stats NOW:

Weight: 37 pounds
Height: 38 inches

That puts her in like the 8th percentile for height and the 58th for weight. That's my girl!

SO either she's shrunk a few inches or Trav mis-remembered the stats in October!

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Anonymous said...

That's hilarious! In October I thought "wow 6 inches in one year?!" I wonder if Travis wrote the wrong thing on Jackson too since you have a decrepency there as well? :)