Friday, December 2, 2011

Gimme a Z...Gimme an O...Gimme an E....Gimme a Y

We live in a metro city with plenty of high schools. Thankfully those high schools also have cheer clinics.

I love cheer clinics. It's $15 for a morning of good fun with other girls who love to be girly. Plus for a girl who is destined to be petite, it's nice to show her that you CAN have fun with cheerleading too! 

The girls watched as the cheerleaders did their thing. 

Then they broke into small groups!

Their leader was awesome!
 Hi Zoey!

The gal was just so kind and patient, especially when Zoey asked every few minutes how much time was left.

 Blowing kisses...
 Being sure to smile...

Then it was off to the football game to perform at half-time!
 Waiting for the fun to start.
 There she goes!
 She did more ballet than cheerleading, but it was still cute!
 You go, Zo!
 Picture op with another great cheerleading buddy!

By the way, lesson for you all - always carry spare batteries. On this day I didn't, and this was the only group shot that I got. 

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