Saturday, December 24, 2011

25 Days of Christmas - Days 21, 22 and 23

Day 21:  Favorites Day (they each received a small gift)
Day 22:  Chocolate dipping day (we dipped oreos into chocolate)

All of that was fun, right?

On Day 23, we went ice skating!!

Since there's no snow, it's kind of hard to find a natural area to ice skate. There's a large rink at Crown Center, but it's always so busy and such a long drive. Thanks to a coworker, we found out more about Park Place.

 The rates were kind of expensive but well worth it. Here are the happy skaters:
Seriously, how cute are these little skates?

 We scooted onto the ice and....
 Zoey freaked out.
 As expected, she wasn't very happy.
 We took her off the ice to let her chill as the boys enjoyed the ice.
 For Jack it was wonderful!
 Trav hadn't been skating for more than a decade, but he was good too!
 Look at him go!
 And look at him fall...
 Hi guys!
 Don't break this concentration!
 The girl and I watched...
 And told jokes...
 And took pictures...
 And watched the boys some more...
 You can do it, Jack!
 Aww, hi guys!
 There's my happy skater!
 A kiss from the rink - how cute!
 But wait, what's this?
 After all was said and done, it was a fun trip that didn't require us to cross the state line. I would highly recommend it!

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