Tuesday, December 6, 2011

25 Days of Christmas - Day 6

Happy Saint Nicholas Day!!

Nope - that's not Santa.

Santa Clause: Large, elderly man in a red, furry suit who lives in the North Pole with elves, reindeer and polar bears. Each Christmas Even he spreads Christmas cheer to children all around the world with gifts, hand-delivered to them by a reindeer-driven, flying sleigh. Did I mention that he sneaks into your house to put the gifts under the tree?

St. Nicholas: A man who lived in the 4th century and was famous for giving gifts in secret, such as putting coins in shoes left out. Real man. Now a Catholic saint. Foundation for the big man in red. One of the stories I knew growing up involved St. Nicholas throwing sacks of coins into the windows of a poor family so their daughters could marry.

Are we clear now?


Anyway, tradition dictates that you place your shoes by the fireplace.However, I just didn't want to be cold anymore, so we did it by the tree. I figured that it's close enough to a window to be significant.

Here they are pointing to their shoes. A nice picture was out of the question - they were bouncing all over the place! I'm just glad I got this shot! Maybe someone will stop by tonight and give them a few treats!

(By the way, those white marks aren't stains. They are reflections from our tree).

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