Monday, December 5, 2011

25 Days of Christmas - Day 5

Let me have a pity party for a second. Just a small one.

You can bring the cake.

I hate Mondays in general. It's the "transition" day for the kids after a weekend with both parents to a school day with just one parent.

Then add in a meeting that ran 30 minutes long.
Add in roofing construction at our daycare with workers who could care less about our safety.
Add in really cold air
Add in a broken fridge AND freezer
Add in tons of melted ice cream, juice containers and bags of veggies.
Add in a computer that's telling me that it's low on memory.
Add in the possibilities of me getting sick.
Add in the fact that my new medication is taking away my appetite, which now leaves me starving.

All of this means that I have a headache, I'm cold, I'm sad that I just to throw away a freezer full of stuff and frustrated with everything.


As a result, no picture today.

Today was Red Day, if you wondered. Everything was red - red shirts, red food, etc. Everything red.

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