Saturday, December 3, 2011

25 Days of Christmas - Day 3

This morning after breakfast and after the house had been scrubbed, washed and vacuumed, we let them open the box.

Zoey was anxious to get Jack in the room.
 Believe it or not, she actually asked for this shot!
 Ready to open...
 What is it?
 Santa chocolate and a Santa ball? Of course! It's time to write letters to the big man in red and go see him at Bass Pro Shop!
 But  first, a snack of chocolate.
Waiting in line was tough, but at least they had tough merchandise for the kids to try out. 
 Jack's letter...
 Zoey's letter...
 Oh here he is!
 Don't ask me about Zoey's arms. I don't know why they are crossed like that.
 In the end: A great time to see Santa and celebrate Day 3!

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