Saturday, December 10, 2011

25 Days of Christmas - Day 10

It's Christmas time, which means it's time for merry songs, Christmas trees, generally happier, more patient people, parties and ... the Plaza. 

Here's our first awkward photo:
 In my defense, it was cold. And we we had two very impatient kids. And we had just circled the parking lot for the last (seriously last) spot in the place.

It was worth it though!

If you take a picture of it with the flash (oops!):
 And without:
 Any way, we were excited! Also, ignore the deception that  there were no crowds. It was packed!
 We saw tons of fun things, like a bagpiper:
 And a great violinist.
 And a baritone.
 We oogled at the stores (this happened to be jewelry, I believe):
 And enjoyed looking at the horses:
 The place was fantastic!
 The stores were very upscale though - this chair is awesomely expensive.
 We tried to go to the Cheesecake Factory for our dessert of the evening, but the line was out the door. Needless to say we opted for Cold Stone:

 Did you know that some of the stores now sell Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory chocolates? YUM!

I would say that the event was a success, but truthfully I'm just glad it's out of the way now. It was so busy that I can't imagine fighting the crowds next week! As long as we are snow-free and above freezing, I have a hunch the crowds are only going to multiple!

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