Thursday, December 1, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: Day 1

As some of you may know, this year we’re doing something different than the norm. Most years we have plenty of activities and fun things to do, but they are pretty scattered and disorganized from one another.

This year is different. THIS year we’re celebrating 25 days of Christmas.

What’s that mean? That doesn’t mean a gift every day. It mean that each day the kids open a special box, and every day there’s a different surprise.

Some days it may be a trip. Or a gift. Or a project. Other days it may just involve family or serving others.

So on Day 1 we … went shopping for Christmas ornaments for ourselves and for others!

Note the happy faces. Zoey was NOT in a good mood at that time. 

However the mood, she picked her ornament quickly. 

Jack was being so careful...
 Even so, he still dropped an ornament. 

Bummer. :-( Actually it wasn't a bummer since it was a slot machine. I was really conflicted on this way and actually kind of relieved it broke. 
 He ended up with a pickle. Yes, a pickle.

Doesn't your tree have a pickle on it? It should! 

At home Jack split to go play Legos in his room, and Zoey HAPPILY decorated the tree (again):

Hey, wait! What's that down there?

Why it's Walt! Poor Zoey tried everything to talk him out from under the tree. 

In the end, I will have to say that I love this year's tree. So festive! 

And Zoey really has put her heart into it.

Even if all of the ornaments are on the lower half, within her reach. 

Note: The best part of the 25 Days of Christmas is that’s very flexible. For example, it’s going to be very cold and rainy this weekend so doing an event outside didn’t sound like a good plan. I just moved a few of the days around and voila! A new plan.

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