Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This is the way we rake the leaves

We have a lot of trees in our neighborhood. Add that to a windy Kansas day and you end up with tons of leaves to rake. 

In the past Zoey hasn't been so gung-ho for raking. Sometimes she's into it enough for pictures but then splits:
Case #1 (2009)
Case #2 (2010)

This year she actually helped! Now, you may find yourself asking where the boy is.

Answer: Running around. He wasn't exactly in the mood to rake that day.

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23...42...17...HIKE! HIKE! HIKE!

Hi! Remember me?

I'm still taking pictures and getting things done, just it's not always to the web. Whoops!

Rewind to early October - we made our way to a football game. Yeah, that was back when we considered 50 degrees to be cold. HA! This morning it was 23 degrees outside...

ANYWAY, here are a few shots:

I think it was worth it for just the sunset alone. Unfortunately, Jack has proven once again that he's not very good at just sitting to watch sports. Like the Sporting KC experience, he was begging to go home before the game had even started! 

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Great Pumpkin Adventure (Part I)

We always go to the farm twice a year...except this year.

We skipped going for planting because it was too wet.
And we skipped going for harvest because it was threatening to rain.

Rain isn't a bad thing. In fact, for my parents it's a great thing. While we've been dry in KC, they've been super dry in Wichita.

Ah, such a nice road. We lived pavement (note this fact for a future post)

Our destination, picked solely for the sake that our cat is Walter. Who knew it would be so great?

Clenched-teeth cheese!

Something was funny...

We started with a little mining.

Messy but fun.

We all got into it!

Even Zoey!

Jack had a cool sack full of dinosaur teeth, fool's gold, etc.

Zoey selected the "gem" option.

Her rocks were a little bit dirty...

See-saw action!

WEEEE! (Note: She hasn't let go of her bag)

Trav was obligated to swing on the farm bag.

And Jack was obligated to test all of the slides.

Awww! A three-person see-saw!

Can you guess what he's on?

Yes! It's a swing pipe!

Yup. Kaki's still on!

"Green Acres is the place to be..."

"Farm living is the life for me!"

That sky...ew. That corn...ew.

Walter's Pumpkin at helpers to assist the young-ins with  the duck race.

Jack didn't need "no stinkin'" help though!"

Zoey did.

But what else is new?

When she finally did it by herself, it took forever.

Then we tried to slingshot.


Just awesome.

Then we tried out a big bouncing ball of fun.

It was very hoppy.
Bouncy...but fun.
Everyone really got into it!

Oh wait, they have pedal carts? AWESOME (and free). Oh, and by the way - Jack is never  going to drive a car if he drives the way he steered that day. Danger to the driving public!

Cheese...and it started to spit on it.

So we did some quick slides through a tunnel built into a hill...

And then got in a pedal boat ride for a few minutes before the rain came pouring down. If you want something funny, check out their pants. They're rolled up because we thought it would help them from getting wet. Boy were we wrong!


Zoey ended it with a splash, of course.

Moral of the story: Go to Walter's Pumpkin Patch. Just go. It's the best patch I've ever been to. It's expensive ($10/person) but most of the things are free (you pay for food, pumpkins, rubber ducks and the mining rocks). We spent 2 hours there and easily could have spent another 2!

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