Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our growing kids

Yes, it's that time again. We took our annual trip to the doctor to be weighed, measured and assessed.

Overall: Good outcome

Jack's Stats 2010
Height: 41.5 inches tall
Weight: 38 pounds 2011
Height: 45.5 inches tall
Weight: 43.6 pounds

Now, side note - according to the doctor he only grew an inch. So either I copied down last year's info incorrectly (possible) or they weren't looking at the right numbers. Either way, he grew.

Zoey's Stats 2010
Height: 35.5 inches tall
Weight: 31.4 pounds 2011
Height: 41 inches
Weight: 35.5 pounds

That's right - we're looking at a huge growth spurt! The doctor was very happy with her growth this year!

In other news...

- Zoey's finally in 4T clothes (mostly). We have to hem most of her pants though. They are still too long!
- Jack's reading is catching up with us. We're reading the Adventures of Tin-Tin in the evening, and last night we ended with just 10 pages left in the book. It was a real cliff-hanger, and we asked Jack what he thought was going to happen. His reply was something along of the lines of, "The Indians will kidnap them." Trav and I just looked at each other, only to be told by Jack that he had read ahead. Of course he had.

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