Sunday, October 23, 2011

Health Watch, V2.0

Did you know that I started this blog in November 2007? Zoey was just a few months old, and back then posts read more like articles while photos were actually relevant to the story being told.  The whole point of this blog was to share the trials and tribulations of parenting Jack and Zoey through pictures.

And now it's time for me to tell you what's going on with me.

Last year after a Memorial Day pool party, three little freckle-sized bumps appeared. Those manifested (quickly) into what was discovered to be vasculitis. Because I had been ill with an upper-respiratory infection at the same time, the doctor concluded it was related to that.

Unfortunately, the vasculitis returned this year. While it was more aggressive than last year's case, we caught it early enough that it wasn't an issue with pain, discomfort or really much of anything. The return of it did alarm my dermatologist.

That return came about the first weekend in October. Since then I've been in a whirlwind tour of doctor offices, specialty physicians and blood tests. Four of the tests came back abnormal, which is sending to my next group of specialists. I'm sure I'll continue down the specialists path until they find out what I have...if ever (since "UNKNOWN" is still on my list of possible diseases).

I'm not going to update this blog though. This is still centered around my kids, parenting, trips, etc. I've made a secondary blog here in case you want to catch up on the latest news.

Just so we're clear, I'm feeling fine. I have a head cold that's driving me batty, and I'm sure that's making it hard to tell what is related to a possible disease and what is related to just this darn virus. I'm pretty content with where I am, though it does get frustrating and costly to have to see specialists, be tested and have no answers.

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