Sunday, September 4, 2011

Zoey's paaaar-tay

We've been planning Zoey's birthday since July (truthfully), and no where during that time did I ever imagine it would rain.

It could be 97 degrees or 70 degrees, but rain? Pssh.

Earlier that day we visited Shatto Dairy - rain-free might I add. It was around 97 degrees when we returned to KC, but it was NOT raining.

So when Trav left to run some last-minute errands and I was trying to get everything accomplished, the sound of thunder was NOT a welcomed sound.

Thankfully, only 15 minutes or so of thunder/lightening and a heavy rain shower made it so we had a party in crisp 75-ish degree weather. (There was "told ya so" moment of the day - very few believed it would stop raining!)

Take a look for yourself:

Note: I love this picture. It's just so random!

Now, Zoey's "thing" was making sure everyone had tattoos (Ariel-themed, of course):

Now, for the gift-opening. This is my disclaimer. Zoey tore through those gifts like there was no tomorrow. Needless to say, pictures were limited:

I just have to say - thank you to everyone who made this day possible!

She loved every minute of it, and I can't imagine a better way to celebrate her fourth year!

This was my attempt at a mermaid...only it was 'hurt" in the car-ride over. Drat.

Happy birthday, Zoey!

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