Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Preschool, Part B

Last year when Jack started his first (and only) year of preschool, I had to work - I was a newbie at work and couldn't just take off in the morning to see my boy off.

I still regret that.

ANYWAY, this year I've made up for it. I was there for Jack's first day of Kindergarten and I actually took a vacation day for Zoey's first day of preschool!

Zoey has been excited for this day to come for weeks:

She finally was able to put on her beloved Dora backpack (thanks Grandma Suzie!) and enter into the preschool world.

Her backpack was bigger than she was! Thankfully it's only the supplies needed for the first day of school!

"Ha - I look like a turtle."

There's my big girl - all ready to go! *tear*

Before preschool, the kids wait in the lobby for their teachers to come and take them back to the classroom.

Her teachers...

...and Ms. Christine!

Yeah, I'm excited too Zoey!

When it was time to go, she lined up and happily lugged her stuff to the classroom.

Now a few random pictures:
Story: It's a bad picture, but I was walking backwards and taking shots of Zoey walking with Papa Don and Travis. She thought it was hysterical, and I had to get a picture of it. It's blurry. It's off-center. But I love it!

There's my big preschooler - when did she start getting so big?

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Melissa Ens said...

When did she get so big? You must have blinked. ;)

Can't wait to see your munchkins in person in a few weeks!!! :D