Monday, September 5, 2011

A delicious dairy-filled date

Saturday started off just as any other day starts off for us:

The kids were sleeping hard after the baseball game the night before, but this morning was different.


Because we piled into the car to go to...

Shatto dairy! 

They have a farm in Missouri not too far from where we live, so opted to take the drive for a tour and introduce the kids to where their milk comes from. Grandma Suzie and Papa Don decided to come along too!

Now, the first thing we saw there wasn't officially on the tour, but it's a sign of country/farm life: 
 It's a barn kitty!
Zoey loves animals, so she loved on that cat for quite awhile!

Aww, there we go! 

Holstein girls! 

Now, the tour was pretty good. We were able to sample their milk, see how the milk was pasteurized, how the cows were milk and how they bottle the milk. 

But the best part of all, was in the cow barn.

As the owner said, "It smelled like cows because there are cows in here." Well, there was one very affectionate cow in there!

 She was great with the kids.

 Hi girl!

The guide showed us how to milk the cows...

And Jack was the first kid to just step up and try it out.

This picture is fuzzy, but it showed how excited he was!

Zoey even tried too!

Though she wasn't as successful!

Side note: Check this out!
That's right - a calf was born on my birthday and given my name. How cool is that?!

Do you remember that affectionate cow? We weren't kidding - look at what she did to Grandma Suzie! (And yes, I have her permission to post this on my blog!)

Jack thought it was hilarious 

We took some pictures...

While Trav and Papa Don paid for the milk, we took more pictures...

...We wanted to remember how much fun we had!

Thank you, Shatto dairy!


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