Friday, August 19, 2011

Take me out to the soccer match...

This is actually a sponsored blog post. Well, sort of. You see, SureWest is a cable company who sponsored an amazing event. We basically placed our name for a drawing of 4 tickets to a soccer game...dinner and parking included. We won tickets! So without the amazing generosity and marketing skills of SureWest (despite the fact that Time Warner has some amazing ad space in the new soccer stadium), this blog post wouldn't have been possible.

Trav took the evening off, so we were ready to go!

On the way there, we had one very, very tired girl! We were glad she was able to get some sleep at least.

Jack needed his picture taken. "Too bright, Mommy!"

Now, my only complaint is that the walk from the general admission parking to the Livestong Stadium is brutal. It's like the never ending sidewalk. No matter how far you walk, there's still more parking lot to cover!

Ah, the new stadium. Very neat. Very awesome. Pictures of that to come shortly.

Now, this event was neat. It was all-you-can-eat hot dogs, hamburgers and chips. It's a basic meal, but it was still nice. Jack had three hot dogs and a hamburger...and was still hungry for more. Someone was hungry! Anyway, after eating, there were plenty of things to do - such as face painting! Or, as in Zoey's case, arm painting.

My boys waited patiently for Zo to get her arm painted.

That's concentration!

Yup. Still waiting.

Ta-da! The soccer ball in all of its glory.

Ooo. Aaah. You can't even see the glitter!

As promised, here's the view from the top. There's no bad seat in the house!

Our view.

Our seats!

The teams were warming up - awesome to see!

SHIRT CHANGE! You see, the entire night was free, so we splurged and bought the kids matching shirts.

Cheese! (Jack's was a size medium. He'll grow into it!)

Jack may look happy, but soccer just didn't entertain him. He was begging to go home before the game even started.

Zoey loved it though! She did get fidgety though.

Goldilock, anyone?

She was about 7 chairs away from us.

This was before the game started though, so there weren't many people in the stands yet.

Now for some pictures taking by the kiddos:

But guess what we saw?
Two goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaals!

Overall, it was a fun time. I would highly suggest to anyone to visit Livestrong at least once! It was just awesome. And thanks to SureWest for making it possible!

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