Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Portrait of my kids

My second-born.
Loves nature, art, stickers, and being outside.
She's my "little mommy" most days - she's very concerned about everyone else and will do anything to make sure they are are okay!
She loves to watch sports.
Girly wouldn't even begin to describe her. The same girl who has to make sure her nail polish matches her outfit is the same girl who enjoys kissing frogs.
She'll hug worms, kiss frogs but is scared of a miniature poodle.
She LOVES Disney princesses right now!

My first born.
He's always exceeded my expectations.
Compared to Zoey, his first 3 months were brutal. Since then, he's been our "easy" child.
He's never met a Lego or a car he didn't like.
His latest obsession involves Star Wars.
His reading abilities are just plain scary. So far he has reported that Kindergarten is boring and easy. Somehow, I'm not surprised.
Don't ask him about what he wants for his birthday or Christmas unless you're prepared for a long list of toys!
He loves to talk. Try to make a decision while he's talking and you'll understand. He just has a lot to say!
He is most concerned about whether people know Jesus and go to his church.

Some days they argue and whine so much that I think I should take up drinking.
However, most days...nah. I love them just the way they are!

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