Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I know nothing

Is it Tuesday?
Or Monday?

And tomorrow would be...Wednesday?
Or is it really Tuesday?

Either way, I'm confused.

I feel that same way when I look at this photo though:
Actually, that's a lie. I had told Zoey that there was paint in her hair one day when we were *painting in the park. Cue the funny photo.

* Do not attempt to paint in the park on a windy day in Kansas. If you do, you really will end up with paint in your hair. And on your face. And on your ears. And on your clothes.

You know what you do when you get paint on your clothes?

You do this:

And this.

 And this.
 And this...
 ...if you're Zoey.
If you're Jack, things looked a bit wetter.

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