Monday, May 2, 2011

House Selling Ups

Everyone is always talking about the downs of house selling:

- The house market is awful
- Real estate agents who really don't want to mess with you because commission would be low
- The maintenance
- The unexpected problems
- The open houses
- The wait
- The wait
- The wait

Yup. We're there.

However, there's plenty to it that's awesome:

1) Instant gratification: Whether it's finishing a project to signing the closing papers, there's gratification. There's a lot of hard work that goes into it too, but there's also no wait to feel successful.

2) The house looks awesome: The house is cleaner than it has ever been before. Every corner is clean, every tile has been shined. It's just great.

3) It makes us do those projects we've put off: Like completely staining the deck. Or putting in the extra light fixtures we've had for four years. Or painting the rest of the woodwork.

4) It forces our kids to help out: My kids haven't always been the best at keep their rooms clean. However, since we showed them the new house, the rooms have been greatly improved - Jack even makes his bed each morning! No fighting. Nada. Zoey even stopped one night to make sure her room was clean.

5) IT MAKES US APPRECIATE FAMILY THAT MUCH MORE: My father-in-law spent two mornings installing light fixtures with Trav - those are two mornings on his day off. My mom spent nearly a week helping us prime, sand, fill and paint the entire house. "Thanks" can't even really cut it at this point.

6) There's no losing: If our house sells, we get a bigger home with two extra bedrooms, a playroom and a den. If our house doesn't sell, we have a very pretty house that looks awesome. Either way, we're going to win.

7) It's fun: There's plenty of it that is NOT fun, but it's hard not to enjoy the energy, the excitement, the thrill. It's like a roller coaster for nerds.

8) It makes my husband even awesmore: Give him 4 hours to clean a house and he'll amaze me each time. Give him 24 hours to get a million projects done, and he'll exceed each one. He's amazing to begin with, but now he's really stepped up to the plate and set the bar HIGH.

9) Purging a'hoy: Oh the things we have donated in the last month! You would be amazed at how your attitude can change in just a few months. So far, three huge bags of clothes have been donated as have countless books, toys and more. It's yet another win-win situation!

10) We're giving it all to God: Really, nothing is in our hands. Sellers can have 30 open houses and still not sell a home for a year. Or sellers can have 4 open houses and find the right buyer. In the end, there's little stress to be had because we're just giving it all to God. Wherever we're meant to be, we will be. If it's the new house - great! If it's not, then that's fine too. All I can think of is Jeremiah 29:11:

I'm not being ignorant here though. I know full well that this house selling experience is going to be filled with pot holes, headaches and stress. But really - what is the purpose of letting that stress rule our lives?

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