Monday, May 2, 2011


Our Easter started off simple enough - sleeping in a bit, getting dressed, eating breakfast, building with Legos...
See? There's my boy who dressed himself for church and finished building his Lego ship. And car thingy.

Now, you don't think he actually wore that to church, do you? Of course not! It's Easter! It's time to rejoice and celebrate!

After an awesome church-filled morning, we were off to my in-laws for a fab ham lunch and an Easter egg hunt!

Keeping the kids occupied prior to the hunt was hard.
 See that face? That's a face who is worried we would start without him. That's a face that screams, "THOSE EGGS ARE  MINE!"

Once we gave them the word, they were off!
Well, Audrey and Jack were off. Zoey still took her sweet time.

O what a fantastic egg hunt they had!

We asked for some group pictures. We really should have known better.

Here Jack is instructing me to take a little picture. It didn't work.

Audrey says, "CHEEEES!"

Pretty girl! Her eyes just pop in this one.

This is my only good one of the kids together outside. Shame.

Note Jack's eyes. They were glued to his Easter basket!

Awww! That's so not a choke-hold at all!

And of course, we can't forget Christopher.
No, not sweet Chris. He's such a happy, content baby. He reminds me a lot of Zoey at that age.

It was time to examine the goodies and compare.

Now it was time for the BIG Easter baskets from Grandma Suzie!
 Note Audrey's expression. Priceless.

 Words can't describe this picture. Sorry.

Conclusion: What a great way to enjoy each other and lift up our savior!

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