Thursday, May 5, 2011

Adventure Answer

Did you guess where we visited last weekend?

Wait no longer! We went to...Tanganyika Wildlife Park!

It's located in/near Goddard, Kansas, so it's a good drive from the KC metro area. However, it's SO worth it!

First we started with photos:

Jack...was just being Jack. Smiling? Not on the menu.

But wait! Where are they going now?

Why to the giraffes!

But we'll save those photos for the next post because we spent the majority of our time there. More time = more photos. More photos = blog overload.

After being amazed at the giraffes, we looked at...
The Colobus Monkey exhibit.  

Cute? Yes.

Stinky? Oh man, they were super stinky!

Other awesome exhibits...
 We were able to go IN with the kangaroos! Kinda cool, really. A lot of them had joeys.

Hmmm. African rhino. He was an interesting fellow - each time we were near, he would go into his water pit. Each time we were at another exhibit and looked his way, he would be crawling out.

Here's a pretty primate. Yup. That's about as much as I knew about this cutie pa'tootie.

Of course, we can't forget the lorikeets! 
 They were pretty awesome. You could feed them a nectar, but they also enjoyed hair. And hair accessories.
Here's lookin' at you, kid.

But wait! There's more!

Like...African penguins!
There's something interesting about penguins. The walk, the look...just awesome.

Zoey was still Zoey though.
Lorikeets? Scary. Dandelions? Perfect.

Here's another cool exhibit for you:


Pretty sweet if you ask me. They were very social and pleasant. I know they could turn at any time, but it was still pretty neat.

 Hi Mr. Lemur! I would take you home if I could!

Oh, and there were koi.

Every zoo in the world has koi.
So...shockingly enough....we fed them too.

Jack fed his fish so fast I couldn't get a decent picture. So, you get to see Zoey.

Now, where do you think the kids are going?

Why for more pictures!

In the end, my kids were happy.

And so was I.

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