Monday, April 4, 2011

Toddlers. O Toddlers.

Over the weekend, we made

Don't know what it is? It's called Puppy Chow.

It's like the world's simplest dessert.

Are you ready?

Chex (or Crispex) cereal + melted chocolate/PB + powdered sugar

That's it.

Anyway, Zoey's been walking around the house saying it like this:

Puppy childs?
Puppy .... huh?


That's it.

It's puppy chow. She's saying, "puppy chow."

Now, I understand we live in Kansas, but it's not like we have a strong accent. If you heard me speak, you wouldn't think I was from Kansas. The Midwest - sure. But it's no exactly a dialect known to most.

(Side note: My "hick" accent only really comes out when I have to say, "Sale" or "Sell." It all just turns into "Sail." I'm going to the "Sail!")

Oh yeah - Everyone else in our family says it normally. But Zoey?

She just had to put her own spin on it!

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