Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Through the eyes of my child

So...we're obviously not sane here.


Well, you see...we decided not to do things in the regular order. We found a great house before we even seriously put ours on the market.

Before we even seriously did any painting.

My mom graciously answered my call for help and has been painting non-stop since last Thursday.

Did I mention that Trav worked on Saturday?

Well, I wanted to keep the kids out of her hair. The best place for that? Deana Rose Farmstead.

Deana Rose is a "free" farm with a load of activities ranging from the free (tractor riding) to those costing a few bucks (horse riding). It's more than a petting zoo. It's like a petting zoo...on steroids. We went on a Saturday and paid $2 per person to get in, but normally (Monday thru Thursday at least) it's free.

ANYWAY! The point? I gave Jack his camera and here is what he saw:

For the record, his camera is one from a while back, so if he were to break it, we won't be heartbroken. Jack would be, but we at least wouldn't be at a huge loss.

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