Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Fever

We're all sick. We're all so very sick. After such a long winter of hibernation and sub-zero temperatures, it's been confirmed:

We have spring fever!

It all started with our KU cheerleader...

Jack was in a KU shirt, but he decided to jet away before I could get anywhere close.

After changing into jeans, we took a brief walk and returned to play in the drive way.

BUT FIRST...we enjoyed a summer-like treat of

Now, why is Zoey smiling?
 Good question.

The answer?
 Wait for it...
 Yup. He was trying to lick the pole. As-in, he better be glad it's not below freezing.

Tell it to me, sista!

The fun was short-lived though, and the kids moved on to chalk.

No, Zoey.
Don't color my camera!

Yes Jack, that was indeed hilarious.

Awww! I love this kid!

Now, this is my favorite set:

Zoey brought out a Diego chair we have, plopped it right down and watch Trav play some Bball.

She was SOOO relaxed until...

She moved herself in the way of the goal, forcing Trav to rethink his b-ball strategy.

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