Sunday, March 6, 2011

S-C-R-A-B-B-L-E and our cat-dog

There's no mystery in our house. Our fantastic cat Walter is more dog than cat. Not only does he love water, come when you call (and he wants to come) and prefer to eat table scraps (not that we ever given them to him...), but he has the added bonus of also never barking or having to go outside to do his business.

But now we've reached a new level of "dogginess."

He's now taken a liking to munching on Scrabble pieces. Now, back story here: We started to play Scrabble before Jack was born. We went on a cruise to the Western Caribbean and towards the end we were just too wiped to want to do anything but stay in the AC. What did we do? We played Scrabble!

Did you notice the sunburn? It's a shame you can't see the words - back then we were so awful at picking words.

Anyway, last night we decided to put on a movie and play a game of Scrabble. A few minutes after starting, Walt decided to join us.

At first, it was cute (once we taught him not to step on the board).

I mean, really. It's a sleeping cat. Awww!

Talk about a great end to the day, right?

Well, I had the brilliant idea to give him a tile holder of his own.

Oh brother.

We found out that he enjoyed attacking the holder and trying to eat the tiles. I don't have any pictures of the tile-eating though. I was laughing too hard and trying to get him to not actually get them in his mouth.

After that, he pretty much followed our every move.

Is he really asleep?

Nah - it's too hard to be sleepy when you're cute and playful!

Then again, after all was said and done, he figured it was just easier to go to sleep looking cute.

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