Thursday, March 31, 2011

Perfect Day for a Nature Walk

I'll say it right now - my week has been awful on the work front. Beyond work, Monday was rough (kids never really do well on Monday plus I had a giant low-pressure headache), Tuesday was spent try to maintain sanity in the household, and Wednesday was filled with church.

In short: I've been in a non-stop world of crankiness. Work aside, it's been rough with Jack for some reason. We must be entering a new phase with him. Oh well.

Today when we arrived at home, you would think it would be an awful time to do anything outdoors.

It rained.
It's in the 40s.
It's kind of windy.

But no - I've had it. We had about a week of spring a few weeks ago, and now I'm ready for it to return. As a result, we went for a nature walk to collect our favorite leaves/plants and color in their veins/outlines/features when we returned home.

Plus there weren't many joggers or cyclists out, meaning we had full access to the path. If there are other folks out on the path, we have to share the to speak. It makes it a little complicated.

Although it was chilly, I figured we were fine without coats. It wasn't THAT cold compared to the sub-zero temps we've had a few months ago. Needless to say, we were all excited to just get outside for a change.

On our walk, we couldn't find too much yet. Everything is still so ... winterized.

We did find some pretty nice weeds though!

See? Team effort!

Then we saw a few ducks, turned around and headed back home. I never said it was a long walk!

Awww. What you don't see is Jack not paying attention and slowly veering to the left.

Oh, one more stop to pick some weeds.

All-in-all, we had a fun time and enjoyed some fresh air for a change.

Unfortunately our project didn't go as planned. They still had fun, but rubbing crayons over the plants didn't really have much entertainment value.

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