Monday, March 14, 2011

Oh Brother

So it has begun.
Or ended.

Either way, our lives are changing.

This weekend we celebrated my niece’s third birthday.

The theme: Princess and the Frog

Honestly, the spread was fantastic! I hope Audrey felt as special as she really is. It was great to be able to celebrate this wonderful girl’s life, and I’m always amazed at how she is growing and maturing. Her fourth birthday is going to come too quickly!

Now, on the way home from the party, the kids started their own discussion.

About their upcoming birthday parties…in September.

Earlier this year I decided to try to combine their birthdays this year – easier on family, easier on us, easier in general. It sounded so perfect. My one goal was to find a universal theme by September that could fit them both.

Unfortunately it appears that my run as a birthday party organizer has come to its end.

Zoey wants Dora. As in, really wants Dora. No amount of persuading was changing that. I thought lady bugs would be cute…but no. It’s Dora.

Flowers? No.
Sesame street? No.
I-Spy? Yes…no.
Princess? No.
Despicable Me? No.

For Zoey, it’s just Dora.

Jack wanted cats. Then dinosaurs. Then spaceships. It appears that we are now headed back to Cars 2.

Considering that we still have plenty of time to plan,  a lot can change. However, one thing is for sure: Audrey is growing up, but so are my own kiddos. It’s a sad reality that I’m not sure I’m ready to admit just yet.

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