Saturday, March 5, 2011

Just a girl and her dad

About a month ago, we were told about an annual event hosted by our church. The father/daughter dance sounded like fun, but...

...Zoey's 5.
...She's never gone to a dance before
....It was hosted on a Friday night (read: a night Trav works)

However, with a little talking, we were able to get them tickets, Trav the night off and Zoey a cute little outfit.

Of course, we had take the pre-dance photos:

At the dance, they had a BLAST!!

Girls of all ages. (Youngest: 6 months // Oldest: Adult)
Dads of all kinds.
Fun for all!

Conclusion: What a fun event!

As for my date...

Well, more about that date when I upload more photos from it. It was slightly less exciting but even more adventurous!

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