Saturday, March 26, 2011

{Help} O boy, my boy

Probably the worst and best part of parenting is the fact that kids grow up.

You can go on to any number of parenting websites or grab a book or forty that will tell you what to expect. Of course, looking that your little newborn it's hard to say that it will happen.

If you notice though, the first few years of milestones are huge.

Eating table food.
Potty training.

Most parents are fine with that. Why else would we be so eager to turn the car seat around when their baby turns one? It's that milestone marker.

Now that Jack is on the verge of turning 6, entering kindergarten, reading on his own and planning his college education (which begins at 10 years old, according to him")...I'm ready to say screw the milestones.

Baby Jackson at 2 months
I want my baby back.

My little baby is in size 6 clothes. When I look for clothes to buy him, he's no longer in the toddler or little boy section - we've moved on to the "boy" area. My little baby is growing out of his shoes faster than I can buy them. My little baby is more than happy to put together a Lego plane or read (out loud) his books to us. He gets excited thinking about school, and he has decided to play nearly every sport in the community activity guide - including gymnastics and boys' dance.

He even knows how to navigate the computer. And change channels on the TV.

Conclusion: I'm fairly certain that my remote is broken. The pause isn't doing anything to slow this kid down.

While I'm not saying that I want the colicky preemie back, I'm not sure I'm ready for this next milestone in his life.

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