Monday, February 7, 2011

My Wittle Girl

...Isn't so little anymore.

Grandma Kaki likes to call Zoey her "Little Darlin'."

This weekend Zoey informed her that she was Kaki's "Big Darlin'" now.

Question: When did my baby grow up? (Fact: the picture above of Zoey in purple was taken 2 years before the first picture of her in green - to the day even!)

Jackson - circa 2007 with the same cowlick he has now

I was okay when Jack started to grow up. For some reason, it's okay when it's him - he's always ready to take on the world. Plus he gives me more cuddles now than he ever did as a toddler.

I was also okay when Zoey took on "bigger kid" roles like mastering potty training or telling me when she was ready for bed.

But now?

Where did my baby go?

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