Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Parenting Tool: Size Tracker

My kids are growing up.

No, really. They are growing up, and up and up and up.

Anyway, so like me, I'm sure you have the problem of buying clothes. I HATE shopping for clothes for my kids with my kids, because we usually end up spending about 5 minutes looking at clothes before someone has a break-down. Fun times.

Of course we always end up running into the issue of fit. Target's Circo brand ALWAYS runs small. Wal-Mart's Faded Glory brand always runs big.  Gymboree runs long, and Kohls' Jumping Bean brand runs short.

See? I've learned through the years what works. Plus let's be real here -- my kids are shorties. Ya hafta learn what works, man! 

SO! Here is a solution:

It's pretty darn neat if you ask me. All you need is..

...Your child's height, weight and waist size
...The brand(s) you prefer

That's it! It will tell you what sizes they need now, in the future, etc. Now, I don't think it tells you the LENGTH (i.e. if they run short or long"), but it's still nice to know that if you get a regular pant from Gymboree that you will need Size X or Y.  Plus it’s free.


So! There you have it! A cheat to finding clothes. That's free. 

One more quick note – SizeTracker is NOT sponsoring this blog post. It’s more like…something neat I’ve found that you HAVE to check out!

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