Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Budding Artist

I love my son.

I really do.

He can read.
He can write.
He can even do simple math (when he wants to). 
He has a creative side. (Unfortunately, he showed this side to us last week in an very ... frustrating...way)

Now, I will say this - last week we depended heavily on loved ones to help fill a babysitting gap. We weren't able to start daycare until  this week (although that was canceled because of the snow/wind chill factors), so many folks watched the kids for us.

Thanks again - for those who did watch 'em and are reading this. You guys are life savers! 

Now, on Friday my sister-in-law April was up to the babysitting job. And, honestly, I felt bad for her. 


She discovered Jack's art for us. 

This art was several days in the making. He started in the closet and moved his way to the rest of the room. Sneaky. 

Want to see it?
If you look careful, it says "Colorado."
A self-portrait. 
Walter the cat (to the left) and Jack (on the right)
Added color to the trim
"No soliciting!" - it's a house with an "x" over it. 
Needless to say, it took quite an effort to clean it all off.

Please tell me it gets better. Please?