Friday, January 7, 2011

Being Thankful - Day 1

I'm starting this new "thing." I want to be more thankful for everything around me. Since 2010 was so much of a mess and 2011 has just begun, it's never too late to start being thankful on a daily basis.

So...for today:

I am thankful because vasulitis taught me how to control charlie horses/calf cramps. 

When I had the condition, I was on steroids. Day 1 of steroids gave me insomnia, and I would have constant calf cramps between days 3-14. We're not talking little ones either. My usual, pre-steroid response to a leg cramp would be to try to stretch out the muscle by pointing my foot UP. The steroid cramps would actually snap my foot back into a horizontal position. I couldn't physically move my foot until the cramp was over, which took about 10-20 minutes.

Those were cramps.

I eventually learned to control the 10-15 bursts at night by quickly getting out of bed and just standing on the floor. It forced my calf muscle to stretch, and it would help stop the cramp within 10-15 seconds.

Well, I'm off steroids now and haven't had cramps like that in quite a while.

Wouldn't you know that I one last night, and it was a mean one. However, it only lasted a few seconds because I used my steroid-cramp control method.

And it worked.

Less than a minute later I was back in bed sleeping and my calf was sore but no longer throbbing.

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