Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

It's cold.

They call this the "Arctic Chill."

Actually, just put "arctic" in front of anything and it can describe how cold it is: blast, chill, attack. It all works!

HOWEVER, before the mercury plunged into the negatives, we ended up getting snow. 

Not snow like this. Or this

More like 6 inches of snow. It was decent and enough to create headaches, but it could be worse. 

Thankfully, my job was able to let me work from home so that I could watch the kids. Since the local school district was off so was our daycare.

BECAUSE of that, I was able to take the kids out to play after the work day was done to enjoy what little light was left AND before the temps fell down.

We made snow angels
He's ready to fire!
He looks like trouble.
It's the most wonderful time of the year...
She was lovin' on the snow.
Where did Jack go?
There he is!
Here's proof that the city does care about us. 
MORE snow angels!
He loved those snowballs, though they rarely made it beyond about a foot.
Pretty girl! 
I think you can say he had a blast. 
Cold? Nah! Not at all!
Yup. Zoey's throwing snow on Jack. 
TAG! You're it!
Even Zoey loved the snow! (This is a huge difference from just a year ago, when she opted just scream at us instead)
Nothing beats playing in the snow!
My little snowball. 
"I'm not eating snow. Not at all."
"Mommy? I am SO done out here!"

They slept amazingly well last night. When I put Zoey down, she actually rolled over and fell asleep before I even left the room.

I would say that snow day was a success! 

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