Saturday, December 4, 2010

Welcome To The Mommy Olympics!

Ladies, start your engines!!

The events:

1) Cookie Making -- Make 2 dozen cookies (homemade, of course!) by tomorrow for Jack's Christmas program

2) Office Organizer -- Be sure to buy, label and send 2 more glue sticks to preschool by Tuesday (and ensure that little preschoolers actually bring them to the teachers)

3) Grocery Challenge -- Buy and send a big bag of gum drops to preschool by Thursday. Ask yourself if gum drops even still exist.

4) Clothing/Distraction Test -- Iron Jack's "Sunday best" for Sunday's performance while the three-year old plays around your feet

5) Santa's Helper -- Take Jack out to check off a few Christmas gifts off the list and pray he doesn't tell anyone what they will be receiving this year.

6) Model Mom -- While doing all of this, remember to change into "real" clothes and wash your hair at some point to maintain some sort of order.

Think you can do it time?

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