Friday, December 31, 2010

Holiday Greetings & Other Missed Opportunities

By not sending out holiday cards this year, you could say we are going green or saving money on printing/postage. Or maybe we're just that lazy that we FORGOT.

The truth is far less exciting though. I can't put music on a photo holiday greeting. Plus there are character limits on holiday greeting. Photo limits. Printing deadlines.

I'm not incredibly eager to start 2011 on a deadline for a holiday card most people throw away anyway. Not to be a drag or anything...

That being said, it is time to celebrate 2010! I don't care how wonderful or awful it may have been. The truth is that it's over. Finished. Complete.

So. While we each eagerly await for 2011 to peek around the corner, please enjoy our short holiday greeting:

(Music found through Scary Mommy. Hey - credit needs to go where the credit is deserved!)

All of these photos are available on this blog (yeah!). Here are a few key posts featured in the above movie, in case you want more information:

(Note: There were two Denver trips and each "day" has it's own blog post. Just sayin')

As for the blog...there are a lot of fun posts coming up. I'm getting in touch with my Mennonite heritage and getting down with the Menno-food. My sister-in-law April gave me an awesome book of Mennonite recipes, which has prompted me to wonder how hard it would be to contact Mennonite churches and get copies of THEIR cookbooks (because we all know that churches love to put out those cookbooks!").

More on that later.

So...until we meet again...

Happy holidays!
Merry Christmas!
Hope you had a great year!
See ya in 2011!

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Anonymous said...

I love that you're so talented and can share these photo's/videos with those of us who live further you angi!