Thursday, December 2, 2010

Eat Your Heart Out, Martha Stewart!

When I cook with Jack, he's methodical. He listens. He understands.

This is when he was two - Zoey had JUST been born.

He's always been good about stirring when I say "stir," dumping when I say to get the picture.

Zoey's a different picture altogether. Just like everything else, she's not Jack and never will be.

Last night I was making peppernut dough. Oh, don't know what that is? It's okay - I have the recipe here.

It's a huge recipe (10 cups of flour, anyone?), but it's also tradition. I love it. So, while the wet ingredients were mixing, I prepped the dry ingredients.

Zoey helped:

Don't assume that she's so innocent. She wasn't understanding that when I say "stir," I don't mean "stick your finger in the flour mix and enjoy!"

So...I gave her a bowl to use herself. A bit of flour later, and she was having a blast!

What was Jack doing? He was playing with Christmas "stuff."
Now that you've seen her cook...wanna try a bite?

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