Thursday, November 11, 2010

Santa and His Elves ... Truth or Misconception?

Christmas, 2009. Zoey was less-than-impressed with the big man. 

In our house, we don't do Santa. It's not that we're against him or anything, but it gets confusing. Half the people we know will ask the kids what they want from Santa this year (why?!?! Don't ask if you don't want Jack's laundry list of toys) and the other half don't want to bring up Santa.

That's cool too.

We do Saint Nick instead. Some of you may think he's the same figure as Santa, but he's not. Saint Nick was a real person. We celebrate his life every December 6 with coins in the shoes and by bringing treats over to our friends, family and neighbors. It really helps support charity work...or the beginnings of charity work.

Well, apparently we need to talk more about the way SANTA works. More specifically, we need to talk about the elves.

Yesterday, Jack brought up the way Santa gets gifts into our house. Hmm. Yes. 

This was his understanding (the toy was from the Disney Store, for those who care):

"Santa goes to the Disney Store and cuts a hole in the door. Then he climbs thru the hole, gets the toy and puts it in his bag. Then he climbs out of the hole and puts the toy under our Christmas tree!"

Oh brother.

My son thinks that Santa is a burglar. This isn't good.

For the record, we don't support burglary. We never will. How this concept was understood by our five-year old is beyond me. 

(But it did crack me up!)

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