Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween Timeline

So it's a little bit late.
And so it's missing Jack's first Halloween costume.

But hey, it's here!!

2006: Jack was a cow.  Trying to take a picture of a wiggly one-year old was a tough task!

2007: Zoey's actually in the same costume that Jack wore when he was her age! Jack's Nemo costume is special because Grandma Suzie bought it for him when we were in the hospital with Zoey. He wore it all around the hospital and loved every minute of it.

 2008: Jack was a happy Elmo and Zoey was a chewy Tinkerbell. I managed to take a picture of them both this year by some miracle!

2009: I apparently didn't get a picture of them together. I thought I did, but now I can't find the shots. Oh well. Jack was a pirate (arrrrrrrgh!) and Zoey was a cranky ladybug. 

2010: My UPS man and Little Red Riding Hood. They actually posed together!

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