Friday, November 19, 2010

A Giveaway...and Thanks

There are two related items here...

Without farmers, you wouldn't be eating your holidays meals. Even your tofurkey is provided thanks to a hard working agricultural professional who works hard year round to ensure that the world has food. SO be sure to thank a farmer! (I know, I know - who knew that food didn't just come from the grocery store?!)

That being's time to thank a farmer AND win a prize!

There's a giveaway going

Pigging Out and About: Manhattan- The Chef:

Trust me. If I could, I would enter. But I'm pretty sure I'm not allowed since I won a few months ago. This blog is AWESOME and always leaves me hungry for some BBQ. If you want a really snazzzzzzy slow cooker, go there and answer their question!

Seriously! Go here:


Do it.

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