Monday, November 29, 2010

Easter Vs Thanksgiving

It sounds like two weird things to compare, isn't it? Two holidays - different ends of the year - potentially similar, potentially different weather - two different celebrations.

It's funny how pictures tell the story though.

Easter 2009: 40s, drizzly, cold

Easter 2010: 70s, sunny

Now, for Thanksgiving!!

Thanksgiving 2009: Pleasant, maybe mid 60s?
See? No coat.

Thanksgiving 2010? Low 50s, chilly

Crazy how the year turns out sometimes!!

The most depressing change for me comes with the portraits. My in-laws have an amazingly green, a lush yard. See?

Isn't the lighting just awesome? And the green! I'm still swooning.

Now, for last week's portrait:

Hair changes aside, the green already looks bleak. Other pictures really show...well...the bleakness that begins in late-autumn.


I guess you could say I'm very much NOT a winter person!

How many days until Spring begins again?

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