Saturday, November 20, 2010


Last year, Zoey was less than enthralled with Santa.

Oh man, that poor Santa. You can tell he's thinking, "Man. Get this screaming kid off of me...NOW!"

Well, this year we opted to go see the big guy a little bit early. It was just one of those days that screamed for a free event PLUS Zoey picked out the perfect outfit for it (by herself!). Hey - why not?

We beat the lines anyway!

As an added bonus, they had a different Santa:

Jack was SUPER thrilled too:

Now, for the reveal. What did Zoey think?

She was great! She was excited to see him and actually said, "Hi Santa!" to him a LOT while waiting in the short line.

The conclusion? She had no troubles and for some reason is big on the hand-on-face look. 

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