Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another Then-And-Now Set

First, Jack:

In January he was just really getting a hang of reading, loved to run, loved the dirt and hated fireworks. He was just learning to write his name as well.  

Now, he's a full-fledge preschooler ready for Kindergarten. He can read, write and even do simple math! His new obsession is playing with little legos. Oh, and he hasn't given up playing in the dirt yet! 

Next, Zoey: 
In January she was in diapers, hating being dirty and pretty much threw tantrums to get her way. She was just starting to really get into her book stage. 

Now, she's my potty trained princess. She still throws tantrums, but she doesn't throw them at the same rate as 11 months ago. Her hair has curled, and she loves playing dolls. She especially loves reading to her dolls and playing with fake insects. 

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Minnesota Mamaleh said...

oh sigh, sigh and more sighs! it just all goes by so very fast, doesn't it? love the post even if it does make me nostalgic, and the photos are adorable! :)