Wednesday, November 3, 2010

5 Things...

...I say too much. Or rather, my kids repeat too much.

1) "Honey" -- it doesn't matter what it is,  they like to refer to each other as "honey." Not a huge deal...I think.

2) "Want to come with me to the store?" -- on the rare occasion that I go out while Trav is around, I generally ask the kids if they want to come with me. Obviously, I ask this a bit too often. And for the record, this was said while playing dolls.

3) "Oh My!" -- this is my now infamous line I started when Zoey was a baby. Every time I changed a poopy diaper, "oh my!" would just fly out of my mouth. I can think of worse things to say though.

4) "OOO! Wow! That's beautiful! Good job!" -- my kids are budding artists, so I bet you can imagine how many times I praise their work.  And now they praise my work, even if it's a "Mickey Mouse Zoey" (to understand that, see the image below)

5) "What's this?" "Yes! Good job!" -- my little Zoey is turning into such a teacher with this phrase. 

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