Monday, November 29, 2010

{Insert Holiday Music Of Choice}

It's been a great weekend, and yesterday we spent the morning with my family, ate some great food and made our way back home. We arrived by 4:30, raked leaves until the light disappeared and then...

...decided to put up all of our Christmas/holiday stuff.

And yes, Walter loves the tree too. It's his new favorite sleeping place!

So are we ready for Christmas? You better believe it.

Bring. It. On.

And for kicks, here's our tree from last year:

Note to self: fluff the branches a bit more.

Side note: Trav and I are going to do the whole live-tree thing in a few years. I'm somewhat allergic to the real-deal, so it becomes a month of watery eyes and sneezy. Total blast! Until then, our fake tree is perfectly capable of making us happy!

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Baby Business

If you don't want to catch baby fever, stay away from this post! Shield your eyes and wait until a new post comes along.

My nephew, Christopher, is cute.

I mean, cute.

Gerber baby? Anyone?

Either way, this little squirt is making my ovaries hurt!

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Easter Vs Thanksgiving

It sounds like two weird things to compare, isn't it? Two holidays - different ends of the year - potentially similar, potentially different weather - two different celebrations.

It's funny how pictures tell the story though.

Easter 2009: 40s, drizzly, cold

Easter 2010: 70s, sunny

Now, for Thanksgiving!!

Thanksgiving 2009: Pleasant, maybe mid 60s?
See? No coat.

Thanksgiving 2010? Low 50s, chilly

Crazy how the year turns out sometimes!!

The most depressing change for me comes with the portraits. My in-laws have an amazingly green, a lush yard. See?

Isn't the lighting just awesome? And the green! I'm still swooning.

Now, for last week's portrait:

Hair changes aside, the green already looks bleak. Other pictures really show...well...the bleakness that begins in late-autumn.


I guess you could say I'm very much NOT a winter person!

How many days until Spring begins again?

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pumpkins & More!

We're going to skip around a bit.

Because I can.

Anyway, back in OCTOBER, we headed to a FREE pumpkin patch with Grandma Suzie, Papa Don, Aunt April, Uncle Steve and of course cousins Audrey and Christopher.

This was the FIRST weekend of Zoey's potty training, so we ended up leaving super early. We had a little time to play around!

THEN the party started!

We saw cows...

Took our measurements next to what I'm sure will become a yearly tradition

And we played in a tunnel! 
Hi Audrey!
Next we actually made it into the pumpkin patch:

These pumpkins were HUGE!!! 
Jack found his! 
Zoey did what she does best - play in the dirt. 
Could she actually be picking a pumpkin?
Yes! It appears so! 
Just a grandpa with two of his four grandkids walking in a pumpkin patch on  beautiful, clear Kansas day. 
"Where did everyone go?"
Next we played in a little playground and had a blast (yet again): 

Alas, it was time to go. One last shot...

I can truly say that I can't wait to go back next year! 

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Saturday, November 20, 2010


Last year, Zoey was less than enthralled with Santa.

Oh man, that poor Santa. You can tell he's thinking, "Man. Get this screaming kid off of me...NOW!"

Well, this year we opted to go see the big guy a little bit early. It was just one of those days that screamed for a free event PLUS Zoey picked out the perfect outfit for it (by herself!). Hey - why not?

We beat the lines anyway!

As an added bonus, they had a different Santa:

Jack was SUPER thrilled too:

Now, for the reveal. What did Zoey think?

She was great! She was excited to see him and actually said, "Hi Santa!" to him a LOT while waiting in the short line.

The conclusion? She had no troubles and for some reason is big on the hand-on-face look. 

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Friday, November 19, 2010

A Giveaway...and Thanks

There are two related items here...

Without farmers, you wouldn't be eating your holidays meals. Even your tofurkey is provided thanks to a hard working agricultural professional who works hard year round to ensure that the world has food. SO be sure to thank a farmer! (I know, I know - who knew that food didn't just come from the grocery store?!)

That being's time to thank a farmer AND win a prize!

There's a giveaway going

Pigging Out and About: Manhattan- The Chef:

Trust me. If I could, I would enter. But I'm pretty sure I'm not allowed since I won a few months ago. This blog is AWESOME and always leaves me hungry for some BBQ. If you want a really snazzzzzzy slow cooker, go there and answer their question!

Seriously! Go here:


Do it.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

I Shoulda Guessed It

It was a perfect set-up. Jack had just given Zoey flowers. She was riding the post-recital high. They posed for a picture....

And then brotherly instinct kicked in:

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

On With The Show!

Zoey has been in ballet now for 9 weeks. Nine weeks ago...

Zoey was in diapers. It was in the 80s. Football season had just begun. We were busy planning birthdays, trips to the pumpkin patch and of course the semi-yearly farm adventures.

And then, a few weeks later, we had the mid-semester review:

Now, we've had our ballet recital.

If you want to watch her portion of the recital...

On with the pictures!

First, pre-show. We were excited, and the anticipation brewing.

Where is everyone?
It's tough waiting. 

On with the show!

Of course we also celebrated!!

My little baby is growing up WAY too fast. That's all I can say.

Was she really once this tiny?

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