Sunday, October 17, 2010

Watch For Slowing-Moving Farm Equipment

This is corn
That grows on our farm
That has been in my family for generations
That harvested the corn
That may end up in your gas tank
Or that will be used to feed the livestock 
That may end up on your table

Poetic enough?

Anyway, we made our semi-annual trek to the farm for harvest. The skies were blue, the breeze was strong and the corn ready!

To harvest, we hopped into a grain truck and a combine:

For those of you who don't know, the grain truck is on the right and the combine on the left.

My kids may not be old enough to drive a car yet, but they can sure help drive a combine!!

These babies are huge. When you meet one on a road, you go as far over as you can.

But, they do a great job! Without it, harvest would be much, much different!  

We spent a little time in the corn on one of our fields. 

It's tough walking for little legs! 

Isn't it gorgeous though? Blue skies...yellow stalks...70 degree weather...perfect.

Jack is growing though!  Each year he seems just a bit taller when placed next to the stalks!

Note this corn. You're going to see it in various states of disrepair. When we emptied out her car seat, about 30 of these kernels flew out too.

 Jack loves his corn too. Too bad this corn isn't made for human consumption.

 Now, this was the trip last year. It was about 30 degrees. Snowy. Yuck.

And this year!  Much better weather!

Hi Zoey!

This was our visitor for the day - Snow White. S/he would have made a GREAT friend for Walter, if she weren't meant to live in the country. I could never do that to a cat!

My crazy boy.

Corn is just the best place to play!

Hi Jack!

Jack and Kaki had a blast playing hide-and-go seek!

Snow White played too!

Note the corn cob in her hand.

Now for the group shots...

I'm shocked I managed to get so many. Both kiddos were beyond exhausted by this point.

See if you can pick out Zoey...

In the end, it was a great year for a farm visit and great trip in general. We'll try to go back next May to help with planting, but harvest is by far everyone's favorite time of year. It's a great way to teach the kids that what you plant as a little seed does indeed grow up quickly!

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